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Empowerment, Latin and Flight: how the Friends are helping girls pursue their dreams

04 May 2017

Three Sixth Form girls moved closer to their aspirations on Tuesday, as they were presented with their Educational Awards from the Friends in assembly. The culmination of another rigorous round of application and assessment, the presentation represented one of many opportunities that the Friends offer to our girls to enhance their experience at - and beyond - the Royal High School. A financial award that enables girls to extend and develop their particular area of interest or study, either overseas or closer to home, or perhaps even through the purchase of specialist equipment, the Friends’ Educational Award always elicits some fascinating applications covering a wide range of interests.

This year the awards were made to three girls, each with very diverse aspirations. Former Head Girl Olivia Chick spoke of her interest in and passion for a Women’s Empowerment project in India. Having been made aware of the plight of many Indian women in Geography, Olivia has become committed to making a difference and plans to spend some of her Gap Year working alongside Indian women, improving their life chances by supporting their English learning, and developing their opportunities for independence. Meanwhile, Lana Firth will spend part of this summer intensively learning Latin in a summer camp at Wells Cathedral School, bringing her up to speed before she embarks on a Classics degree next year. Aida Karabu’s account of her quest to gain her Private Pilot’s Licence in preparation for one day becoming a professional pilot had the audience fascinated.

With this financial support from the Friends, each of these girls now moves closer to making their academic and career aspirations a reality. We thank the Friends for further enabling our Sixth Form girls, and wish the girls every success in their endeavours.

They will be back to update us next year.



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