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Exploring the City of Dreaming Spires

20 January 2017

Last Saturday 14th January, Mrs Custodio and Mrs Bruni accompanied all Year 10 boarders to Oxford.

Despite the drizzly and grey weather, the boarders were able to spend a bit of time shopping in the city centre, before walking towards Christ Church meadows, admiring various colleges, such as Baliol, Queen’s and Merton and historical architecture, such as the Sheldonian theatre and Hertford Bridge. Christ Church’s beautiful quads and Cathedral captured the boarders’ eye as much as its dining hall, as we have got quite a few Harry Potter fans in the boarding house.

Later on, we walked towards the Radcliffe Camera to start our tour of the Boadleian library. Our library guide let us into the oldest part of the building, which is the oldest classroom of the university and told us a lot of interesting and funny facts about this historical institution and the extensive library collection treasured inside- and underneath it! We ended the day with a treat: pizza for everyone, before catching our train back to Bath. Thank you, Year 10 boarders, for a lovely day out!

Mrs Bruni

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