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Foreign Language Leaders Motivate Year 7

28 March 2018

On March 13th, a group of Year 12 Foreign Language Leaders carried out a Modern Foreign Languages event for all of Year 7. We based our hour-long activity on a scavenger hunt around school as we thought this would be a fun way to interact with the younger students in addition to improving their basic knowledge of foreign languages. We created activities for Spanish, French, German and Mandarin Chinese. We split the jobs between the group and everyone chipped in to create different exercises that would encourage learning.

On the day, after introducing ourselves, we divided the year group into smaller teams of 6 or 7 and assigned them a sixth form leader. Teams paired up to travel around the school together and we headed off to our starting point on our individual routes. The hunt consisted of 6 destinations and each place was allocated a language. An activity was placed there for each language and a 5 minute time limit was set. The activities ranged from quizzes to word searches and match-up games. We encouraged teamwork throughout the hunt so everyone was included and could take part in each language, although they might not study it.

If an exercise was completed correctly, the team would gain a sticker in their team passport. The more stickers a team earnt, the closer they were to winning a big prize. The Year 7s loved the idea of an edible prize and it pushed them further to work together and finish each task. The activities were very enjoyable and speaking for the year group I can say we all gained different specialised skills from the experience, such as organisational and communication skills in terms of coming together to execute the activity.

Furthermore, we obtained leadership skills when directing our individual groups. It was a really enjoyable afternoon for everyone and it was lovely to bond with some students we’d never met before.

We hope they enjoyed it too!

By Katie Benfell Year 12

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