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Girls get cracking on egg-cellent Easter history project

07 April 2020

Girls get cracking on egg-cellent Easter history project

Royal High School’s Humanities department came up with the egg-cellent idea of challenging students to an egg decorating competition with a historical theme.

The girls were tasked with decorating hard-boiled eggs to look like historical figures – the challenge was set up to help girls feel connected during the lockdown, and to spread a bit of Easter cheer during an uncertain time.

From the egg-centric Alexander the Great, leading his mini-egg generals and phalanx of toast soldiers on the march through Asia, to the eggs-quisitely decorated Tutankhamun, the Humanities department have been inundated with lots of creative and egg-citing portraits.

Harriet Pagnamenta, Head of History at Royal High School Bath, said: “Girls from all year groups, and staff too, have been getting creative in this history challenge which we’ve been sharing on Twitter. It has been a tough time for our girls, so to span the chasm created by the coronavirus and keep us connected, we wanted to end the term with a fun Easter activity.

“We’ve had eggs that look like Thomas Beckett and Ghandi, and most recently we’ve had an entry from Amelia in Year 9, who cracked out an egg-cellently decorated Florence Nightingale egg in tribute to the new temporary Nightingale Hospital opened at London's ExCel centre. Great work Amelia.

“Anyone can get involved with this Easter challenge – all you have to do is take an egg (best to boil it first or it could get messy) and decorate to look like a well-known historical figure. Good egg or bad egg, it’s up to you to decide!”

We’re eggs-hausted just looking at all the amazing entries. Follow the challenge on Twitter @RHSBHistory #historyegg

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