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Girls Going Far - Brilliant GCSE Results for Royal High School Bath Students

22 August 2019

Half of all GCSE examinations taken at Royal High School Bath have been awarded the very top 8/9 grades (50%), with an impressive 9-4 grade pass rate of 96% overall. This is the first year that all GCSE examinations taken at RHS have been graded with the reformed system, following two-thirds of examinations graded numerically last year.

In a stunning set of results, Sofia Kover-Wolf and Anna Wright both received a clean sweep of 9s, if that wasn’t impressive enough, they also gained the top grade available (A) in Additional Maths - a Sixth Form qualification, a spectacular achievement for both.

Picking up her results, Anna Wright said: “I can’t believe it, I got straight 9s! I’m over the moon. I’m looking forward to coming back for A Levels to study Maths, Spanish, Economics and Photography, I’m excited to study a broad range of subjects.”

Over a quarter (29%) of exams taken were awarded the top 9 grade, equivalent to the top 20% of the previous A* banding.

House leader and music scholar Mathura Kathirgamanathan received all 8/9 grades, alongside fellow Latin student Marigold Whitaker. Speaking to Marigold after opening her results, she beamed: “I got an 8 in Mandarin! I really love the language and I’m looking forward to studying it when I return to RHS for the International Baccalaureate, the IB such a fantastic opportunity.”

Bethany Ede said; “I’ve done really well, I got a 9 in English Language and Literature, and in each of my Sciences – I’m so proud of myself and all the hard work I’ve put into my examinations”.

Girls performed well across the core subjects: in English Language and English Literature, a remarkable 77% and 64% of all girls achieved an 8 or 9 respectively, and in Mathematics, more than five in ten (54%) scored a 7- 9 grade – well over double the national figure of 20% last year.

We continue to excel in Modern Foreign Languages, following a worrying nationwide decline in the number of students taking these subjects over the last 4 years. In German, 64% of girls achieved 8/9, while in French, over four in five pupils (83%) achieved the top grade 9. Students performed well in Japanese and Italian, with 100% also receiving the top grade 9 in both.

Mr Briggs, Interim Head for the autumn term, commented; “Year 11 have achieved an impressive set of results which reflect the girls’ hard work and the excellent teaching at Royal High School Bath. These girls are now poised to take their next step into the Sixth Form and they can look forward to undertaking their A Levels courses or the International Baccalaureate with confidence.”

We are delighted that our students have continued to thrive and have performed so well both academically and emotionally, with thanks to our staff who have supported and guided them throughout their studies. We look forward to their continued success in the Royal High Sixth Form.

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