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HSBC Mandarin Speaking Competition

27 December 2018

On Friday the 7th of December, a group of Year 10 and 11 students travelled to London to participate in the HSBC mandarin speaking competition, entering both a group and an individual speaker. For many weeks we have worked hard on our performances, and therefore were very excited for the Regional Heat! After a long minibus journey there, we finally arrived at the venue a few hours before our group performance was due to begin. We were lucky enough to view many of the other schools' performances, it was amazing to see so many talented students and it was a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing language! Next it was our turn to perform our piece, about a group of old ladies who regain their youth through dancing and singing to the popular song “小苹果”, otherwise known as “Little Apple”. After a rocky start, which included a few problems with the music playing, we finally got into the swing of it and were rocking our golden flared trousers!

After we finished our performance (and had a quick bite to eat), it was Marigold Whitaker’s individual performance. She had to show a diverse range of skills, from delivering a speech and answering questions to responding to a situation presented to her, which she had only 45 seconds to prepare for! However, Marigold coped with the pressure extremely well and was funny, fluent and displayed a huge breadth of vocabulary. Even though she was placed in a category with mainly Sixth Formers, she stood out from the crowd and performed incredibly well!

Overall we had an amazing time on the trip and would recommend this competition to all the younger years, anyone can take part! We also want to say a huge thank you to Mrs Liu who has helped us practise and pushed us outside of our comfort zone, and who also gave up her Friday to come on the trip and support us.

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