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Inspirational Alumnae

02 February 2017

On Thursday the 26th of January, the Food Technology department had a visit from Celia Adams, an alumna, who now owns Bath Cake Company which is located at the bottom of Lansdown hill. Celia came in to give us a talk and a demonstration on decorating cupcakes. In period 4, the A-level class, and year 11 GCSE class had a practical lesson with her where we decorated cupcakes and practised sugar-craft!

She started the talk by telling us about how she originally left school wanting to be a wedding planner, then took part in a cake decorating course at Bath college. This then spurred her decision to open the cake shop, which now specialises in wedding cakes, children’s party cakes and decorating classes. The business had grown significantly in size over the last 7 years, and they now employ 7 people.

Celia started off the demonstration by colouring some buttercream blue, pink, green and yellow. Placing the pink icing in a piping bag with a small star nozzle, and piped a traditional swirl onto the cupcake, then added a few sprinkles on the top to finish it off. A question raised was how to get the cupcakes at and even, rather than pointed and then having to chop off the point. To achieve this, you should place the cupcakes in the middle of the oven, and then place a baking tray on the top shelf and It makes the cakes rise evenly. 

After showing us piping with a variety of different piping tips, Celia went on to demonstrate sugarcraft roses. She first went on to roll a piece of fondant icing and cut pieces the size of £1 coins, and then place them into a plastic wallet that has been cut in half. After flattening them down with her thumb, she then wrapped one into a spiral and wrapped the others around that. It created an effective decoration that was easy to achieve.

After the lunch demonstration, Celia stayed on to have more of a practical session with year 13 and year 11. We started by colouring some fondant and making the roses like she had demonstrated in the lunchtime session. When we were finished with them, they were all looking amazing, which shows how easy they were to make. We then had a go at piping and covering the cupcakes that she had given us, and used our sugarcraft roses to go on the top of them.

It was a really amazing experience, and I learnt some basic techniques that I can use to create simple, yet effective cupcakes In the future!

Georgia, Year 13


On the day after Mary Berry was crowned ‘Best TV Judge’ at the National Television Awards, a fellow alumna who is riding high on her love of baking came to school to share her sugary secrets with the girls. Celia Adams channelled her talent and entrepreneurialism into founding the Bath Cake Company in 2010, and has since grown it into one of Bath’s most notable small businesses. She delighted girls with the story of her journey from Food Tech lessons to businesswoman, and then shared tips in a practical demonstration. See pictures for the impressive results.

Meanwhile, before a different rapt audience, Ella Hands (RHS Class of 2016) explained how a professional internship (in her case with global consulting firm Deloitte) can deliver valuable real-life experience before university... and perhaps even more persuasive: cash! Ella teamed up with her colleague Nikolai to open Year 12’s eyes to an opportunity which can also put graduates ahead of the game in the job market.

Welcoming alumnae back to school and hearing about their various paths in life is always gratifying for staff, and gives food for thought to our girls, literally and figuratively on this occasion.

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