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It's a Strike for our Boarders!

30 January 2019

This weekend, the Year 9 and 10 boarders went bowling at Longwell Green in Bristol. We were playing in groups of 6 and played two rounds. It was interesting and we all had lots of fun. We realised that a lot of people were actually very good despite not having played before, which came as a surprise to all of us.

by Kasandra Lo

Last weekend, me and my friends were making pizzas at school. It was so fun because we all got different styles of pizzas.

One of my friends Sheilja made her favourite anime characters head on the pizza and it looked very cute. We all got different type of pizzas some of them had more cheese, some of them had more ham and some of them had more tomato sauce which made the pizzas softer in the middle.

It was so fun to make pizzas in a boarding school because you can do it with your friends and teachers.

by Yannes Heung

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