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Leavers Workshop from The Holburne Museum

24 April 2017

At the end of the spring term our year 13 Art Students were invited to attend a fascinating workshop which had been organised by The Holburne Museum. The Royal High School has been involved in helping with the new acquisition of an oil sketch by the artist Thomas Lawrence of Arthur Atherley. During his teens, Lawrence lived and worked in Bath from 1780 – 1787.

The textile artist Penny Leaver Green along with six other artists have been commissioned to work with year 13 students to study this recent acquisition and we were one of the schools chosen. She explained that her intentions were to use the painting as a means to explore what it is like to be young and the impact of leaving school, as this piece of work was made by a 21-year-old artist depicting a young man leaving Eton.

The workshop involved discussions about memories such as what would they take with them from school and whether being a girl makes a difference in the world today. The piece of work which Penny Leaver Green will create is going to be a silk dress which will be influenced by the thoughts of the student leavers. It was a very enjoyable event which produced many happy personal memories and each student was given a handmade needle case as a keepsake. We very much look forward to the outcome of this garment which will be on display in the school during the summer term.

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