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Life's a Rollercoaster for RHS Boarders

02 July 2019

On Sunday 23rd of June, we went to Thorpe Park. We left the school at 8am after everyone got their packed lunch and then we took the bus, which took us 2 hours. When we arrived, everybody was happy and wanted to go on the rollercoasters and so on. When Ms. Leipold got the tickets, everyone was really excited because we could start! There were a lot of fun things, like Nemesis Inferno, which was really good. It was so fun and my friends and I laughed the whole time. It was really fast and had a lot of curves and we were upside down. There was also a coaster called: Stealth, which was incredibly fast. My friends went on it, but I just watched - they said it was amazing! After that, we had lunch at KFC.

Then we wanted to go on a water ride, so we did the Tidal Wave. The name says it all! A big wave is coming towards you and you get soaked. EVERYWHERE!!! We had lots of fun and we were really wet after that. Then we didn’t have that much time left and we went on the Rush. It was like a really big swing and it feels that you are falling down when you are at the top. At 4:15pm we met back at the bus and went back to school. We were treated to pizza for dinner, which was reeeaaaallly good – as always.

Emilie Moerhle

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