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Local Poet Miles Chambers Visits on World Poetry Day

12 April 2019

It was great to welcome Miles Chambers, a local poet from Bristol, to the Royal High School on Thursday 21st March. 

Miles is a performance poet and enjoyed sharing some of his work with us.  We could all see his passion for his home city, Bristol, and were amazed at how he could vary his style and projection during his performance.  

The second part of Miles's visit involved girls from Year 4-6 trying to identify if lines of verse were written by Shakespeare or hip hop artists. It was a challenge for us all, even the teachers!

Our final activity focused on writing our own poetry. The workshop encouraged us to write a line for a poem, without seeing the lines that came before.   Miles encouraged us to write whatever came to mind. We enjoyed reading out some of our work and Miles was very impressed. As you will read, some came together better than others even with some minor edits. We would all agree they all sounded better when performed.     

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gardner for helping us to facilitate this visit.  

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