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Maud Ross’ Sculpture Selected for Display in New GDST Central London Offices

11 February 2019

This is a wonderful achievement for Maud. Maud is studying both Fine Art A Level and Photography AS with us. We have watched her grow and develop as a young artist in the Art School. She has always been fascinated by animals, especially horses, and has spent much of her time researching them through both drawing and sculpture, where she has proven her ability, dexterity and very high levels of skill.

Any of you that visited the end of year Art Exhibition 2018 would have seen a few maquettes' by Maud, based on the anatomy of a horse. These were made as she developed her understanding of form. Last September she began to explore different ways of finalising her work. Early one morning, whilst exploring through our storage area of reclaimed material, we discovered and old car exhaust pipe. This object then formed the basis and support for the sculpture. Maud then visited ‘Iron Art’ in Larkhall, where she had a go at welding in order to construct an armature for the final work. She then devoted a great deal of time to her final work, where she gradually constructed the finished form. The fractures within the form are meant and as viewers, we can decide how we respond to the piece of work. The most wonderful thing about making Art is that, without Maud this work would not exist in the world – It now does.

Whatever we feel about the work, we cannot help but be impressed by such an exceptional piece of sculptural work. The work has obviously impressed Trust Head Office and the work will be transported there after assessment and at the end of the Art Exhibition 2019.

So if you want to see the work before it goes on tour and is exhibited in London, please save the date – Art Exhibition Private View 04/07/19!

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