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MFL Activities

30 July 2019

On Monday Year 8 girls were treated to a fantastic array of activities. They were able to choose from the following:

  • International Cookery
  • A taste of Arabic and Korean. (Not at the same time!)
  • Making a terracotta army.
  • Making Chinese dumplings.

International Cookery

I can truly say that I never cease to be impressed by the creativity of girls at RHS. During the International cookery session, the girls worked together and created a wide range of delicious dishes which represented many different international cuisines. (American, British, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French…)

Among the dishes cooked were:

  • Lemon meringue pie (I had a taste and it was delicious!)
  • Pizza with dough made by the girls.
  • Enokitake mushrooms wrapped in beef.
  • Japanese butter cookies.
  • Crepes with strawberries and chocolate sauce.
  • Smores (a ‘new’ dish for me which was made of biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate)
  • Honey roast chicken
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Chicken ramen
  • Lemon posset

The gastronomic juices were definitely running freely by the end of the morning!

Terracotta Army

Mrs Liu had the idea of taking the girls to the Art room to make their own terracotta army soldiers. This looked great fun, quite messy but also informative, since they learnt about the history before undertaking the activity. Perhaps this will inspire the girls to visit China to see it for themselves!

Korean Taster

In the afternoon, some of the girls enjoyed learning some Arabic and Korean. In the Korean session, Mrs Eun Hyoung, mother of two of our pupils, gave a fascinating insight into Korean culture and language. We were treated to a fascinating video , which made me want to visit Korea. Then we learnt how to say our names and Eun showed us how to decipher the Korean alphabet and work out how to spell and say our names. The girls took to it very quickly and enjoyed writing their names in Korean characters. Some of the girls were particularly excited to see the famous K- pop band BTS and a few even knew the words to the songs!

Arabic Taster

The girls were also able to have a taster of Arabic. We are fortunate to have a regular teacher, Khalil Estaytieh, who gives lessons after school on Wednesdays. These are some of the comments from girls who were in the lesson:

“We learnt lots and it was fun. He was very good at teaching. We learnt some Arabic and also a bit about the culture of countries where Arabic is spoken.” Iris Muscroft & Claudia Waring

Please note that there will be an opportunity to start beginners Arabic in September.


All in all, a culturally diverse and exciting day was had by all. Our thanks to Miss Bothwell for helping in the Food Tech room, to Khalil Estaytieh and to Mrs Hyoung, as well as to Miss Cossey for organising the day and to all the language staff who helped. (Mrs Liu, Madame White, Madame Daguenet, Ms Nurse and Señor Roca.)

Claire Kennett


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