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MFL Speaking Competition

10 April 2019

The South West Modern Foreign Languages Speaking competition was hosted at RHS on 26th March and was brilliantly organised by Miss Cossey with the fantastic help of MFL staff and the catering team. It was a lovely day where students shone by speaking in a different language and showing off their bilingual talents. Schools from across the South West of England brought their strongest young polyglots, ensuring a very high standard throughout the competition. It consisted of two sub-categories: non-native and near-native in each age category, from Key Stages 3 to 5. Judges were language specialists and included representatives from University of Bath, Bath Spa University and Plymouth University.

Speech after speech, we found out about each other’s families, hobbies, accomplishments, and dreams. The level of vocabulary just got higher and higher, until eventually, it was hard to distinguish non-native speakers from near-native speakers! Of course, there was Spanish, French and German, and even more impressively Mandarin and Russian! Oh là là! This was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves, not only in public speaking but also in a language in which we are not as comfortable. The event showed how languages bring us together to improve ourselves and it provided excellent speeches. The judges’ indecisiveness proved it!

Ultimately, the winners got their prizes that were very well deserved, including Royal High School student Lola Record in Key Stage 3, with her charming and articulate speech about her family in Spanish. Nevertheless, the motivation to continue to learn new languages stayed with all of us. Although a cliché, the courage to deliver a speech in another language is already a triumph, so everyone was a winner the minute that they signed up to the competition. It is unlikely anyone understood every single speech during the competition, however, everyone left with the resonating message: languages deserve to be celebrated!

by Laura de Remedios, Year 12

RHS Competitors 

Key Stage 3

Lola Record – Spanish

Amélie Summers – French

Key Stage 4

Kasandra Lo – German

Sophia Karakusevic – Mandarin

Key Stage 5

Carolin Bereth – French

Alex John – Spanish

Laura de Remedios - French

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