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Mindful Moments in Year 1 to 3

21 January 2019

Life is exciting at the Royal High Prep but with so much going on it is important that the girls take time for themselves, time to stop and time to be calm. The girls that came along to the ‘Mindful moments’ club on Monday had 45 minutes of relaxation and time to focus on the present.

Sometimes our minds become full of unhelpful thoughts, like worries or fears. It is really important to keep our mind healthy and give it a rest from worrying about things. Concentrating on a calm, relaxing activity gives your mind a rest and can make you feel happier. The girls in the club did just that. After a story to start called ‘Let’s do nothing’ and a mindful rainbow mediation on cushions and beanbags, the girls made some aromatherapy dough to use when they are feeling stressed, anxious or upset.

Each week there will be a different focus activity from homemade spice painting to mindful eating, from hot chocolate mediation to making pompoms, there will be a range of activities for the girls to sample. We hope that introducing this way of being will encourage the girls to introduce mindful moments in to their days.

Miss Joakim

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