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Music Concerts at the Prep School

11 June 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May, we had amazing music concerts at our school, with girls presenting pieces they had prepared specifically for this event. There was a whole variety of instruments being played, some as big as an elephant and others as small as a rabbit! The music was performed from the heart; everyone in the audience was filled with joy, as the Royal High Prep girls sang and played their instruments with joy and happiness, letting the enchantment of music fill Hope Hall.

The concerts gave the audiences evening to remember and made the audience proud of their daughters. There was a varied programme which included the guitar group, harpists, violinists, cellists, pianists, singers, flautists, a clarinetist, saxophonist, ukulele, cornet, trumpet, French Horn, Mr Millard’s singers and of course the School Orchestras, Recorder ensembles and the Choir!

The Concert ended with two stunning songs by the choir: Believe and Lean on Me. This started the audience tapping and clapping with happiness! Finally, the families left Hope Hall with their daughters, so proud of them for their excellent performances on the day.

Thank you to everyone who made these concerts possible.

Holly Morris, 6S

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the girls for performing so well and for making the two concerts so special. The first concert by the younger girls, including our Music Makers, showed the importance of starting an instrument.  I was very proud of them all. Thank you also to my brilliant team of Peripatetic Music teachers for preparing the girls so well for the event and to everyone who helped on the night. Thank you to the audience for being so appreciative.

If you are interested in your daughter starting instrumental lessons in school, please do get in touch, either in person or you can email me if this is easier. Trial lessons can be

Mrs Millard

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