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National Boarding Week

28 June 2017

Last week we had a busy and fun week in Boarding as we celebrated BSA’s National Boarding Week. We had a much needed “cooling-off lollipop and ice cream sale” in both Houses in aid of the Crane Academy, which was just the thing in the heatwave, our Go Green for Barnardo’s mufti day brought out the sports day t-shirts from DuPre as an easy choice, and some of our boarders enjoyed a walk to Primrose Hill with Mrs V and Jack the dog.

It was lovely to welcome some of the day girls to the swimming pool on Saturday, rounding up the week with a trip to Bournemouth. The most interesting part of the week was the wonderful archive display in Southside which highlighted some of the differences in boarding from the past to present. I would like to thank the boarding team for all their help organising and running these events, in addition to the prefect team for taking assembly. Finally, the winner of our Home/Away photo competition was Mencia Rodriguez-Mayor, whose wonderful photo of the Pyrenees won the most votes and you’ll agree it looks magical.

Boarders in Bournemouth!

Last Sunday there was a boarding trip to Bournemouth to go surfing on the beach, which was the last boarding outing before the end of the academic year. For many of the boarders, it was their first time surfing but the instructors were extremely helpful and made the experience much more enjoyable; it was also the perfect weather for surfing since the wind was blowing in our favour which made the waves even bigger.

We were initially worried about the cold weather, however, after getting into the wetsuits they were more insulating than we could have imagined. Although there were a few accidents in our learning process, mainly resulting in a mouthful of seawater or sand, we all managed to experience the waves in the sea and had the opportunity to surf.

We all had a great time in Bournemouth whether we went surfing or just stayed around the beach. The people who chose not to go surfing had the opportunity to go to the town of Bournemouth for shopping and could explore the boardwalk, go to the beach, visit the arcade, Ferris wheel and even buy fresh fish and chips. Everyone who went on the trip to Bournemouth had an incredible time and it was a great way to end the boarding trips of the year.

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