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No Pens Day

30 October 2019

Year 11 tried to form a neutral solution from an acid and an alkali in Chemistry, Year 10 consolidated their knowledge of the League of Nations by making their own quizlet, and the boomwhackers came out in Music.

In English, 10B played the Radio 4 game 'Just A Minute', in which they tried to speak for a minute about the novel they're studying, 'To Kill A Mockingbird', without committing repetition, hesitation or deviation. A stopwatch was projected so they could see the time remaining and Lola used the buzzer on her laptop when people interrupted to take control of the game. Now, the class can use 'Just a Minute' in starters about any English topic and can also test the breadth of their vocabulary. Being a walking Thesaurus ensures one can win the game!

Year 12 IB students used beads and play-doh to model protein folding, and Year 9 discovered how many girls can be held up by the Earth's atmospheric pressure using a glass carrier in Physics - at least two apparently!

In French, Year 10 used their laptops to practise their vocabulary learning in a fun and competitive way. This has been in preparation for the upcoming online championship next week - 'Vocab Express'.

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