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Outreach Art Workshop in the Art School

18 October 2017

These are busy and wonderful weeks of creativity within the Art School. There have been three sessions available to Year 6 so far this term (a fourth this week), where both our very own Junior School, and local schools have been invited to participate in various activities.

Saturday 7th October being session number three. We invited in excess of sixty young girls into three of our studios to make three-dimensional pictures. We worked with a small frame, various strips of paper and threads, ribbons, buttons and cottons. The creativity amongst the girls was extraordinary, as usual. The Year 6 girls that attend this sort of event delight in being in such a beautiful Art School and certainly rise to the creative challenges presented to them. Drawings can be made with various objects and materials. Following a Fine Art programme as we do affords us, as a staff, along with our students, opportunities to really embrace creativity and all that it can be.

The three-dimensional pictures were constructed with enthusiasm and an eye for detail. Some of the girls opted for full colour and a kaleidoscopic work and others were more interested in a Monochrome piece or something where muted patterns dominated. It’s a pleasure to work with young people through these sessions, where the creativity and spirit of the individual can be supported; it’s all about the girls being themselves and making discoveries through art making. We are delighted to be in a position whereby we can share some of our experience in order to help young people begin their artistic journey and eventually realise their artistic ambitions.

The accompanying photos should give you the sense of joy and creativity generated within the walls of the Art School. Not just last Saturday but every day. We are in the very privileged position of watching young creative minds grow through the activity of making Art and we’re already looking forward to the next ‘Art School Taster’ lesson next week!

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