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Outreach - Gifted and Talented in Sport!

24 March 2017

This week saw many subjects in addition to Lansdown Tennis Club come together to offer a Gifted and Talented day in sport for Year 5 girls in BANES. The day was arranged to supplement the G&T provision for girls in sport which has limited capacity so we were able to offer 33 girls the opportunity to ‘Be a Pro’ for the day.

Workshops included ‘Move like a Pro’ workshops in netball, tennis and hockey, ‘Train like a Pro’ strength and conditioning workshops, ‘Think like a Pro’ sports psychology work, ‘Eat like a Pro’ with our food tech staff and ‘Lead like a Pro’ with Karen Kimura from GDST looking at leadership qualities.

All in all a day to remember and certainly one that inspired lots of little people in their sports. With huge thanks to Maisy and Poppy in Year 10 who acted as leaders for the day.

Also to our Key Stage 3 ambassadors who welcomed and hosted parents and Year 5’s during the day, of particular mention is Bea and Phoebe, teaching the Bronte house dance to the mesmerised Year 5’s at break time!

Thank you to all involved.
Mrs Sheffield


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