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Public Speaking Workshop

20 February 2019

Last weekend the Speech and Drama department ran their annual public speaking workshop for Years 7 to 9. 

It was an exciting, creative and dynamic day, in which the girls developed important skills for public speaking, presentations and performance. Mrs Harwood and Miss Vernon welcomed over 30 students who all bought wonderful energy and creativity to the session.

The workshop looked in detail at the use of confident body language, eye contact, use of vocal expression, movement and gestures, all as effective ways of engaging an audience when public speaking. We saw many students returning this year for their 2nd and even third year of the workshop and the enthusiasm and energy from all of the girls was once again outstanding. It was so great to see in such a short amount of time the girls' confidence really develop. The girls had to do short presentations to camera, where we watched the footage back live in the workshop. We also explored different types of presentation styles, how to take live questions from an audience and how to use different engagement hooks to keep an audience engaged during their presentations. 

Well done girls for all of your hard work- it was a really enjoyable workshop and we look forward to the next one in 2020!

Speech and drama lessons on public speaking are available with Mrs Hardwood and Miss Vernon during term time as solo, duo and small group classes. For more information please contact the department via email: 

by Miss Vernon

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