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  • Reception visit Bristol Aquarium

Reception visit Bristol Aquarium

29 March 2019

On Monday the Reception Class packed their snorkels and headed to Bristol Aquarium to immerse themselves in underwater facts and fishes! A guide from the aquarium took us around, sharing lots of interesting information about the inhabitants. We learnt not to make friends with a lobster as they often eat their friends.

We learnt that starfish have five eyes, that sharks do a lot of sleeping and that the strongest clownfish changes from a boy to a girl to be the leader. Our favourites were the seahorses and the sharks and we loved the octopus although we weren’t really sure if we could see her or not as she was hiding amongst rocks.

We spent a lot of time watching their fascinating movements through the water and we were lucky enough to see the sharks being fed some tiny fishes. Now we are under the sea experts!

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