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Restless Earth Workshop

03 May 2017

On Tuesday 25th April all of Year 9 took part in a Restless Earth Workshop run by the British Cartographic Society. Pupils were briefed on the causes and effects of the Japanese tsunami of 2011. Their next challenge was to work in teams each with a designated role, within the concept of a relief project.

The students were supplied with a pack of map resources of varying scales and themes. They had to use their cartographic skills in order to transfer information to a blank base map. The information was specific to their role and involved them studying map scale, symbols and contours.

They had to take into consideration real life factors such as the extent of the tsunami and the radius of the evacuation zone due to Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Their next challenge was to decide where best to locate the relief headquarters and emergency medical centres. Common sense and practical skills and coordinating their efforts within the team would then build up a very informative map.

The workshop drew to a close with the University Ambassadors judging the best map and group. The proud winners were Katie, Leila, Poppy, Lily-Rose, Mathura and Bethany, they were awarded a very large map of the world!

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