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  • RHS Alumnae Launches Colourful New Magazine

RHS Alumnae Launches Colourful New Magazine

16 February 2018

While still at university in Sussex, former Royal High student, Emma Phillips decided to launch her own magazine. Chróma has now been published and is a credit to the creativity and vision of its publisher/director. Emma says of her creation:

“Chróma is a magazine about colour. It is a print and online platform that features a fusion of talented international individuals. It is the amalgamation of poets, thinkers, artists and photographers. Our first issue has one uniting factor, the colour red.

Chróma strives to become a source of inspiration, a place where you can explore form, imagination and ideas. We aim to delve into the deeper questions- provoking interesting conversations and encouraging people to think out-of-the-box.”

Chróma is engaging, thought-provoking and beautifully put together, you can view the online version at or buy a hard copy from Magalleria on Broad Street in Bath, priced at a very reasonable £10. Each issue has a colour focus; the first edition is the red issue, which explores the duality of meaning red, as a colour, holds and explores cultural differences within that dichotomy. Her opening editorial closes with:

“For me red is the colour of life. It exists in two extremes, and I hope you will find this passion with our pages. As Emile Zola states, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom”

…We’re with them both on that!

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