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Rod Craig and The Royal High Junior School Students’ Art Exhibition

05 December 2017

The Year 3 girls and gifted and talented artists across Years 4-6 recently joined Rod Craig for a watercolour workshop here at the Junior School. Rod Craig is a local artist whose passion is to create a sense of time and place through paintings of wild weather over the coasts and in Georgian Bath.

The girls learned to create watercolour pieces using a limited pallet. Rod taught the girls some techniques to create the effects of different weathers or rushing water. This was a glorious opportunity for the students to show their creativity and experiment with newly-found methods. The end pieces were exceptional and the Imagianation Gallery in Bath were delighted to exhibit them alongside other watercolour artists from the city.

On the evening of Monday 13 November, the girls, parents and governors of the school were invited to the opening of their exhibition. It was impressive to see the girls’ work, beautifully framed and looking like professional artwork. All the girls were very proud to see their art displayed, as were the parents. Every one chatted whilst admiring the pieces and enjoying a slice of cake. This was a wonderful opportunity for our girls and their pictures will hold some super memories of this experience forever.

Ms Appleby

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