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Science Detectives

26 March 2019

On Saturday in excess of 50 Year 4 and 5 girls arrived at the Royal High School from a multitude of different primary schools and they came ready to solve a mystery!

On arrival, our intrepid sleuths listened intently to instructions from Mr Hardcastle who launched the morning’s investigation. The girls were informed that they had to solve the crime with a list of suspects with amusing names such as Mr. N. Otme and without delay, the girls were set off in their groups to look for evidence and carry out various tests and experiments in our super science labs.

Many workshops took place and the girls got stuck into experiments such as turning flames different colours by using various substances and looking in microscopes looking for evidence, using UV lights and so much more. In Biology they used test tubes to find out which substances dissolved in water then they added Benedicts solution and put it in a hot 80-degree water bath. After leaving it for a few minutes our intrepid scientists went back to it and the colours had changed which enabled them to find out the mystery solution X was in fact sugar!

The girls also looked through microscopes at different materials to analyse what material was left behind at the crime scene. Discovering that it was cotton, further clues had been followed up.

In chemistry, our investigators analysed crystals with Bunsen burners to find out which metal salts were present at the crime scene, observing that the fire changed colours according to the various salts that were added to the flame.

Analysis of jackets and t-shirts, as well as the footprint left outside the window, took place in physics leaving the girls pondering at break with a cookie and squash, who on earth the criminal was?

In the end, they made their decision and well, who was it… we cannot possibly tell you!

Thank you so very much to the Science department for running such an inspirational morning and also to our super volunteers who gave up their time to help on the day.

Please see below for a gallery of photos from the day.

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