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Silver D of E Practice Expedition

19 June 2019

On one of the wettest June weekends that we can remember 6 intrepid teams of Year 10 students made their way to the Quantock Hills for a weekend of camping, walking and map reading. After a slow journey down (heavy rain brought the motorway to a standstill) they spent the evening setting up tents, learning what to do in the event of an emergency, trying some first aid and putting the finishing touches to their routes for the following two days.

Saturday dawned, blustery and wet and we spent the day navigating our way around the Quantock Hills, looking for forts, deer parks and admiring the local wildlife. Lunchtime proved a good time for a quick game of Uno between teams or just a time to relax and catch up with the others.

On Sunday we struck camp in the rain and the teams carried all of their belongings up onto the hills again. This time they were a lot quicker at walking and navigating and were back at camp in plenty of time to journey home to Bath where there was warmth, light and a hot shower to look forward to.

I would like to thank Mr Leather, Mr Graham, Mr Lacey, Mr Moyle, Miss Davis and Mr P for walking with the girls, knowing when to let them walk alone, meeting them at checkpoints, training them and generally supporting them on what the weather made into a challenging weekend. Next stop- Exmoor.

Mrs Parr

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