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Spectacular IB Results for 2017 Cohort

06 July 2017

This year, once again, we are celebrating a spectacular set of examination results from our International Baccalaureate students. And, once again, we have maintained the school’s 100% record of IB students achieving their Oxford offer.

This year’s cohort maintained an average score of 37 out of a possible 45 points, which is 8 points above the world average (29). Six students scored above 39, which is the standard Oxbridge offer, with two scoring an outstanding 43 points, an incredible achievement.

The majority of our IB students are going on to Russell Group universities, though we also celebrate those who choose to follow their excellent academic success with other career choices, such as one student who fought off some stiff competition to win a place at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). We are also thrilled to have students going on to study a truly wide range of different subjects, including Mathematics with Management and Finance, French and Russian, Psychology and Linguistics, English Language and Literature and Law.

Grades were particularly high in Maths and Chemistry, with ¾ of students scoring either a 6 or 7. English Literature and Modern Foreign Languages also performed exceptionally well. Congratulations go to the teachers in those departments.

We are very proud indeed of our girls’ performance and continue to believe wholeheartedly in the IB as an excellent preparation for university and for life in our global society.

IB Coordinator, Anna Weston, said: “I am thrilled for them and proud of all that they have learned and given to the school. This IB cohort was a particularly caring and cohesive group; they worked hard, played hard and cared deeply for each other. They deserve everything that they have achieved.”

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