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Springing Back in Time at the Symposium

17 April 2019

On the evening of Tuesday 2nd April, the Classics Department hosted our third annual Symposium to an audience of over 70 in the Hudson Centre. With performances from over 60 students across Years 7-13, the evening was a real delight and showed just how enthusiastic and committed our students are in their study of the ancient world. Each year group who studies Classics in some form or another was involved from Year 7 to Year 13, including dramatic interpretations of stories from the Cambridge Latin Course in flawless Latin with subtitles projected behind. 

There was drama, dance, rap, and song as well as a court case (complete with Jupiter live-tweeting) to see whether the audience should pity Dido or Aeneas more. Key Stage 3 Myth Club, led by Dr McCarthy and Ms Thomason produced a touching re-telling of Baucis and Philemon with a very entertaining and quite literal goose-chase around the audience. 

Year 10 Classical Civilisation, led by Mrs Isom, delivered a wonderful gods and goddesses rap, whilst Year 10 Latin explained the classical background to the spells and characters in Harry Potter before we were informed of the real Greek meaning of many English words from the Year 10 Classical Greek class. We discovered more about inspirational Greek women, terrifying Druids, silly slaves, imperious gods, love-sick poets and powerful women in politics like Lysistrata.

Each piece was introduced delightfully by Year 12 students: Millie Bate (A Level Classical Civilisation), Hazel Cox (A Level Latin) and Clara Williams (IB Latin) with support backstage from Constance Feng (A level Classical Civilisation) and Ashley Ulaikere (honorary classicist, having taken GCSE Latin). Meanwhile, Year 7 ‘slaves’ admirably performed their roles of serving classically inspired nibbles, wine, and juice to an audience treated to a real variety show. Each member of the evening shone and we are very proud of the courage and creativity shown in all of their performances. Thanks to Dr McCarthy and Mrs Isom not only for contributions to the performances themselves but also for marshalling the troops along with Mrs Manners and Ms Thomason behind the scenes.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you again for another Classical extravaganza next year!

Miss James

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