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Students present virtual talks during lockdown

22 May 2020

A group of Royal High School Bath students have this week presented their own mini talks – covering topics including anxiety during lockdown, euthanasia, artificial sensory technology and waiting times in in the NHS.

Lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, pupils in Year 11 and 12 gave their insightful talks to a virtual audience of staff, fellow students and parents over Microsoft Teams.

Emma Hilliam, Head of Academic Extension at Royal High School Bath, said: “We’ve had such a diverse range of talks from the girls on some truly fascinating subjects. It’s no easy feat to do this remotely, but the girls delivered their talks with passion and they were all extremely well executed. The topic areas were insightful and well researched.

“The Aspire Group, which this group of students belong to, is designed to stretch and extend gifted students enabling them to blossom into independent, inquisitive and intellectually curious young women. As part of the group students are encouraged to delve into current affairs, challenging philosophical and ethical issues, and complex logical problems that are not covered in the school curriculum. The aim of the group is to prepare students for challenging interview processes for university and the girls are encouraged to challenge their preconceptions and consider uncomfortable scenarios so that they become flexible thinkers, equipped to tackle life’s perplexing questions.”

Watch the Royal High School Bath TED-style talks below:

Have hospitals reached their target 4-hour wait in A & E?

By Mathura in Year 12. Mathura, who wants to pursue a career in medicine, talks us through the reasons behind the four-hour wait and asks should we believe the headlines that say the NHS isn’t reaching their targets?

Klaus Ranft Combo

By Tara in Year 12. Tara’s excellent talk about the experiences of German band, Klaus Ranft Combo, in East Germany, is truly eye-opening.

Mental Health: Anxiety and lockdown

By Natasha in Year 12. Natasha’s timely talk delves into what anxiety actually means and why self-care at this moment in time is so important.

How have human communities changed through technology and industrialisation?

By Kalina in Year 12. In this insightful talk Kalina asks what is the meaning of a community, the purpose of communities and how they have changed.

Law, Medicine, and Ethics

By Eliza and Daisy in Year 11. This joint talk delves into the fascinating world of ethics in law and medicine. Using real-life examples the girls explore medical ethics, the principles of law, and the difficult grey areas.

Advancements in artificial sensory technology

By Katie in Year 12. Katie’s talk gives us a real insight into the spectacular advancements going on in the world of sensory technology. She looks into tech methods and applications being used for hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell.

Classics in the Military

By Imogen in Year 12. Having grown up in a Military family Imi has always been interested in the imagery used throughout. In this talk she explores the use of Classics imagery throughout the Military, including in many of its core badges.

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