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Stupendous Cyber-Security

16 April 2019

On Saturday 30th March, we travelled to the University of West England, in Bristol. We took part in a cyber-security competition - the regional final. There were 7 other schools from Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire. At the start of the day we listened to a talk by a member of the National Cyber Security Centre. Then, we went upstairs to begin the competition. The competition included coding, deciphering and hacking, where we worked as a team to complete the questions. The questions increased in difficulty, so we found the last ones much harder!

After the competition, we had some refreshments while waiting for our results. We went back into the auditorium and were surprised to find out that we had come 2nd and won a £30 Amazon voucher each, we were narrowly beaten by KES. We really enjoyed the competition and we thought it was a valuable experience. We would like to thank everyone who made this competition possible, especially Immersive Labs.

by Gemma Woodward, Eloisa Lunn, Amber Drew, and Lottie Silverton, Year 8

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