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TED Talks

13 May 2019

Today's Aspire lecture took a slightly different format than usual, allowing a range of RHS Aspire scholars to present their own inspirational and academically insightful research into topics of their choice.

Maddie Whitmore, Year 9, began by discussing the history of the colour Pink, dispelling gender myths surrounding the colour’s connotations and evaluating the psychological impacts of colour on human emotions.

Daisy Whittard, also in Year 9, then explained her fascinating EPQ Level 2 research into the Romanov Children, painting a vivid picture of the children’s private lives and their position in the political and historical climate of the Russian Revolution.

Ava Spencer-Jones in Year 12 then posited some enthralling philosophical evaluations of Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, which currently underpins her EPQ.

The Lecture was concluded by Daisy John and Eliza Hyde’s exploration of the polemic and topical issue terrorism and social media.

Very well done to all girls involved in these TED talks. Their passionate delivery and fascinating research is testament to the achievements of those who conduct independent research.

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