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The Chapman Language Studio Officially Opens

09 March 2017

A ribbon was cut on our engaging new language facility in the Sixth Form, as members of the Royal High Bath Alumnae committee gathered to honour Miss Doris Chapman, who generously bequeathed funds to RHS to enhance language teaching at school.  A former Head of Bath High School, and lifelong lover of French and German, we hope Miss Chapman would have been pleased to see the imaginative teaching of modern languages perpetuated at RHS, with a newly upgraded classroom dedicated to their enjoyment.

Sixth Form language students impressed the committee members with their easy fluency with the new iPads and TV, exploring their chosen languages interactively and through film-making and viewing – an exciting advancement to those who were accustomed to learning verbs and vocabulary by rote, pen and paper!  With a new lick of paint, comfy new chairs and cheerful cultural posters, the Chapman Language Studio has become the place to be for our Sixth Form linguists.

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