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The Great Lasagne Bake Off

12 March 2019

On Wednesday’s advanced cookery lesson, we had a cooking competition. We had to cook lasagne for the boarders’ supper. We had eight of us separated into two teams, cooking a meat lasagne and vegetarian lasagne. We did a lot of research on recipes to come to the final decision beforehand. On the day, chefs from catering came down to FT room and helped us with the cooking. We were all really busy as everything has to be done in 2 hours, excluding baking the lasagne. Overall, it was really interesting as this is my first time having a large-scale cooking experience, using huge spatulas and sauce pans from catering. It is such a memorable experience. Just want to say thank you to the chefs, catering staffs and our teacher Miss Hurley for making this competition possible.

by Remy Chan

For boarders' supper that day all the students took some lasagne from both teams and voted for their favourite. Mrs Duncan, Mrs Cunningham, Mr Hayward and several other members of staff also helped with the voting.

Team A was Alice, Remy, Rachel Chan and Angie – they made spinach and pumpkin and turkey based lasagnes

Team B was Lola, Molly, Tanya and Rachel Chau – they made Mediterranean vegetable and beef based lasagnes

Miss Hurley

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