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The Light Burns Blue

10 July 2019

The Drama department was very proud to present the Key Stage Three production of The Lights Burn Blue on the 27th and 28th of June last week. Girls from Year 7 and 8 threw themselves into every aspect of the production and it was so lovely to see girls participate with such enthusiasm, not just as performers, but as members of the stage crew (we even had our very own Year 9 Director on board!). We received lots of positive audience feedback, most notably from our Chair of Governors, Jane Robb, who thought it was “a terrific performance” and that “the girls were real stars”. She went on to say how she found it “hard to believe that, bar one” all of the cast members were in Year seven. This production was particularly special, as it marked the first KS3 production to involve an entire cast of new girls, all of which joined the Senior school on or from September 2018. As well as this, the production involved staff members who had also joined this year, namely myself and Kathryn Adams, our performing arts technician.

The girls were all brilliant and I thought their treatment and understanding of such a mature text was admirable. I look forward to working with as many girls as possible on future productions.

Mrs Thorpe

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