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The Power of PE

01 May 2020

I have turned my hand to some ‘novice’ poetry writing. I first thought about it when on week two Joe Wicks set his homework task as writing a poem on how PE makes you feel and how his daily workouts have gone.

The Power of PE - Claire Lilley, Head of Prep

I must not groan at all those crunches,
Bunny hops or Rocky punches!
Dressing up was Friday’s fun
Another week of workouts done.
Thank you Joe, we’ve been inspired
to keeping on going, not get tired.
I must admit I like the sound
of ticks when we are counting down …
to rests that happen in between,
It’s nice to hear where you’ve been seen.
Reaching all around the place
Joe Wicks a now familiar face.
So well done Joe you should feel proud,
for gaining such a mammoth crowd.
For helping fund the NHS,
That’s human nature at its best.

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