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The Queen of Hearts Pays a Visit to Year 4

07 December 2017

Last Thursday Year 4 had a special treat when Mrs Wirick (Freda’s Mum) came in to show us how she gets ready for a show behind the scenes. She was going to dress as the Queen of Hearts. She started by pinning her hair up in a really tight bun.

Next, she put on a skin-coloured wig cap, like an elastic swimming hat. After that she put moisturiser on to stop her face getting too dry then she added a white foundation paste as a base for the makeup. We then watched her apply all her makeup. This consisted of chapstick, lip liner, then bright red lipstick which she put glitter on the top of, yellow eyeshadow, black eyebrow pencil, and false eyelashes. They were extremely long and curly; she stuck them on with a special sort of glue! Mrs Wirick then needed to get into her corset which was a really rather difficult job and she needed help from Mrs Millard! After this, she donned her wig, her crown and her white bloomers which were like enormous jazz pants!

They had to be twice as long as her normal legs because she was going to strap on stilts. Her stilts were about 1.50m tall and made Mrs Wirick very, very tall. When Mr Solly arrived at school, he got a real fright! She got into character as the Queen of Hearts and even made Mr Millard bow to her! We accompanied Mrs Wirick by dressing up ourselves as various characters from Alice in Wonderland – including three Cheshire cats, three Alices and of course a Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

The photo shoot was great fun! We were amazed at how much work goes into preparing for a performance and it was wonderful for us to witness this first hand. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Wirick for coming in to see us. Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon!

By 4RM

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