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The Year 3 Panto has 'Bean' a Huge Success!

05 March 2019

We absolutely loved doing Jack and the Beanstalk because it helped us with our team work and made us feel really proud.

We think that we improved our acting skills through our rehearsals and practising at home. Mrs Millard made it excellent by helping us to perform on stage. The songs were so much fun but our favourites have to be ‘Bad Guys’ and the ‘Audience song’. We’d like to say thank you to the audience for taking part!

There are so many favourite parts but one of them is when Fleshcreep and Dame Trott said, “I want what I want when I want it!” and “You’ll get what I’ve got when I’ve got it!” Also the cow scene when Dame Trott said, “We’re going to have to sell the C. O. W!”

The jokes were fabulous and lots of them were made up by Mr Millard. He is so funny! We liked the joke when Billy said he was filling up in the petrol station but he meant he was crying! We also like the mature cheese joke!

Mrs Bazley and Miss Debby helped us with all the dances. They were hard work but fun. We found it tricky to learn all the moves but once we knew them it was easier.

The costumes were amazing. They were made by Carole and Penny who used many different materials. Some of our favourite costumes were bad guys, villagers, fairies, king, wedding dress, Jack…in fact we liked all of them!

We had lots of help with our hair and thought it was really cool that we used hair spray but it smelt weird. We had to keep our eyes shut when it was being put on.

The scenery was fabulous and all hand painted by the staff. We even had a beanstalk which rose up and fell down! Thank you, Mr Woods.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make our amazing panto. We will remember it forever!

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