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This Week's Boarding Adventures

02 May 2018

Wookey Hole

On Sunday the 22nd of April, the Weekend Programme boarding trip for Yr 7 & 8 went to Wookey Hole. Mrs Custodio drove us all in one of the school minibuses and we started off our trip by looking at the fantastic caves; they were lit up and absolutely amazing and parts that were over 1000 years old! Inside there was a wall of rock that has shaped into a wave-like structure over time. We also learned very interesting facts such as, inside the caves, it is always 11 degrees Celsius and that the caves are used to mature cheese because of the stable temperature. After that, we went to explore the rest of the activities. We went to a 4D cinema and a fabulous museum as well as a mirror maze and an arcade centre. Overall it was very fun and I think that we have all learned something new; I'm looking forward to going next year!😊

Lara Sforza de Almeida


A week in the Life of a Year 11 Boarder

Year 11 students are stressed and busy with lots of work and revision as the GCSE exams are coming up. Joining activities is one of the best ways to relax. It is very nice in the Weekend Programme we have exclusive activities just for year 11 students who board. Therefore, I signed up for a Sunday sport. Between the choices of tennis and cricket, my friends and I chose to play tennis. Miss Matthews joined us in the games and we enjoyed it so much such a nice day with the sunshine!

Remy Chan


Getting Stylish at the Fashion Museum

On the 21st all the year 7&8 and some year 9 when to the fashion museum in Bath. When we arrived, we were given an audio guide that helped to explain about all the costumes. My favourite part was either the royal section, which showed you some of the most famous outfits that the royal family wore, or the 80s section as I loved to see all the bright colours and of the mannequins was almost wearing the same thing as me! It was also really cool to see what were the best pieces from last year some of which I had seen in magazines. I am definitely persuading my parents to come with me a second time just so they can see it too. If you are fashion or even just looking for something to do I would definitely recommend going to the museum and who knows, you might even get some cool earring too! We all piled into the shop afterwards and some of us bought earrings. we went down into the town to do some shopping and get drinks. It was a good day.

Jess Phillips


Baking with Years 9 and 10

On Saturday morning, 21st April, the Weekend Programme put on a baking activity for Years 9&10. We made Oreo truffles and Mille Feuille (which is a French pastry). It was delicious! When we were in the process of making everything, we all had different jobs to do, some of us were making the Oreo truffles and the others were making the Mille Feuille. For the Oreo truffles, we crushed the Oreos, mixed it with cream cheese then let it chill, afterwards we covered them with chocolate. For the Mille Feuille we needed to bake the pastry, layer it with jam and cream, and covered the top with icing. It was really fun, I hope we will have another session soon!

Ingrid Liu

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