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Triumph for the English Speaking Union Team

26 January 2018

On a cold and sleety night on Tuesday the Royal High team of three Year 10 Public Speakers set out with Mr Evans for Stonar School. The Churchill competition is run by the English Speaking Union to encourage young people to engage in weighty issues and develop a range of presentation skills. This year the team consisted of Katie Stubbs as Speaker, Marigold Whitaker as Chair and Imogen Rafferty as Questioner. They faced five other teams on the night, with Imogen and Marigold playing host to a speaker from another school, having to introduce and quiz her on her topic of how we are 'an increasingly angry society'. Meanwhile, Katie delivered a thoughtful and powerful speech on the topic 'It is no longer possible to predict the outcome of elections', referencing recent events such as the E.U. Referendum and the election of Donald Trump.

After a suspenseful period of time when the judges retired to consider their verdict, we discovered that Marigold had been voted 'Best Chair'... and there was more to come as it was announced the Royal High team had won overall! This is fantastic news and means that they will now go through to the Regional final.

Many congratulations to Marigold, Imogen and Katie, who were a genuine TEAM - working well together, informed and gracious with each other and the other participants. Thanks to Miss Hendry for coaching them and Mr Evans for taking them on the night.

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