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University Challenge

19 April 2019

Last week was Cambodia week at school, and to celebrate this we decided to organise a staff vs staff University Challenge. As you would expect, our teachers jumped at the opportunity to showcase their general knowledge and intellectual prowess. We were very lucky in that enough teachers were willing to sign up that we could have three teams of four, which made it all the more exciting.

The three teams were made up of Miss Hendry, Mr Lacey, Mr Briggs and Miss Lowe on the Graham-Brown team (all three teams were named after former head-teachers), Mr Hayward, Mr Moyle, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Lycett on the Dougall team, and Mrs Cunningham, Miss James, Mrs Corrigan and Mr Hardcastle on the Ellison team. It was a very closely fought match with a fair few very tricky questions (all taken from past University Challenge matches). Some teachers surprised everyone with some specific knowledge of some very obscure topics. With two minutes to go, Dougall and Graham-Brown were tied and tensions were high, but with some quick thinking and strong teamwork, Team Dougall pulled through and took the winning spot. All the teachers involved should be commended for taking part and putting themselves in the spotlight.

As well as a fun competition, the event helped us raise over £100 for our Cambodian school. For those who don’t know, The Royal High has built and supported a primary school in the village of Keo Ropov in rural Cambodia through the charity United World Schools. The money raised will go towards paying the school’s teachers, improving resources and maybe even a computer sometime in the near future. We would like to thank everyone who came along to watch and a special thanks to the teachers involved. We hope it can become an annual tradition!

Honor Erskine and Olivia Padwick

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