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Visiting Artist to the Art School

04 July 2019

We were delighted to welcome Emma Stibbon RA into the Art school on Wednesday 19/06/19. I have known Emma’s work for some time and it was delightful that she managed to find the time to come in to talk to us about her practice. She is usually somewhere in the world exploring the landscape, be it Antarctica, the Grand Canyon or on the edge of a volcanic crater on the ‘Big Island’ in Hawaii. Sixth Formers and some of our older Art Scholars’ were able to attend this talk, which I’m sure, will stay with them forever.

Emma talked about the drama of the landscape, the fragility of all that we should cherish, and how she is trying to make viewers’ of her work aware of the beauty and the serenity of unpeopled environments. Even though the actions of we people, may very well be responsible for changing the shape of the landscape, our landscape. Emma talked about how she used ash and ice in her, predominantly, monochromatic work, in order to place the work that she produces in the landscape and in time itself. She also talked about the importance of workbooks and sketchbooks, which should resonate with our young art students. She also talked about how important words are in support of ones work and how they are necessary in order to justify ones creative thinking. I’m happy to say that we, in the Art School, constantly seek justification from our young creative minds. In order to do this, we have several critiques throughout the year whereby, students’ display single pieces of work with a written justification. This is perfect training for further education through any creative life.

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