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Year 10 Geographers Uncover Nature's Secrets

31 May 2019

In a fearless and impassioned quest for the truth, our year 10 geographers ventured into the wilds of Exmoor, determined to uncover the holy grail of river secrets by unearthing out what factors influenced its velocity. Enduring such sacrifices as being without phone signal for several hours, our elite team of students poked, prodded and provoked the River Holford from every imaginable angle until at last it succumbed to reveal its innermost behaviour. We eventually found out that the Holford’s velocity did increase significantly as it flowed downstream, much to everyone’s shock and surprise. After all, the slopes become much less steep as we went downstream, so this seemed to confound all logic. After several more hours of problem solving and number crunching the students think they might have cracked this riddle. I cannot reveal the answer to you, as you would have to take GCSE geography to be privy to that kind of information, but suffice it to say that the hydraulic radius seemed to be at play.

This valiant endeavour was all part of the year 10 GCSE fieldtrip. The trip was based in a Field Study Centre called Nettlecombe Court. This beautiful manor house is set within a valley of stunning rolling hills without another house or road in site. It is within the Exmoor dark skies zone, where the low light pollution means you get wonderful views of the night sky.

Following our river adventure the students tucked into some freshly baked brownies back at the field centre and started preparing for the next study. On the second day the students evaluated how well we were managing the coastal flooding at Minehead. This small tourist town has recently spent over £12 million on a wide array of dramatic coastal defences, including several kilometres of sea wall and vast rock boulders placed along the sea front. After a dry start to the day a short rain storm washed inland, forcing our group to take shelter in the nearest café for a quick Oreo chocolate milkshake and cake until it passed. After that we were all highly motivated to interrogate the unsuspecting people of Minehead about their views and experiences on coastal flooding. Overall the trip was a great success and the students all showed true Royal High spirit and they sang and marched their way through their fieldwork.

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