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Year 12 Geographers Take on the Risks

06 November 2017

Our A level and IB geographers braved the wilds of Hereford to conduct a study into flood risk mapping. The historic town of Hereford lies on the banks of the beautiful river Wye that meanders through the centre of the city. There have been regular floods disrupting life in this town in a range of ways.

Year 12 were interested in mapping the flood risk patterns within the city and determining if the government are effectively managing this threat. They collected data on factors like the height of the land, distances from the river and land values. They also conducted a questionnaire to ask local people what they felt about the management of flooding in their town. We discovered that there is a range of both hard and soft engineering strategies used around the city centre.

The following day the group visited Bristol as part of a reconnaissance trip to help develop their own personal investigations.

They visited a range of places around the city to learn about urban changes including gentrification, regeneration projects, redevelopment areas, microclimates and patterns of crime amongst other things. As we visited places we peeled back the surface to understand the context of that place and the forces influencing it.

We also went on a boat trip around the Harbourside area to see the impacts of the £350 million investment there and learn about its historic role as Bristol’s port. Students will now select a topic and location to form their own research proposal for fieldwork.

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