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Year 12 Induction at Falmouth University (1)

04 September 2019

For the second year, our new Year 12 intake attended a Sixth Form induction in Cornwall, hosted by Falmouth University. An opportunity to pick up where friendships had been left at the end of Year 11, and to welcome incomers into the fold, the three-day visit was once again bonding and mind-broadening.

Holiday suntans were on display on our first day as the girls were put through their paces at an outdoor activity centre, creatively constructed in a disused quarry. In a development from last year, the girls were thrown together in teams with their GDST peers from Howell’s School in Cardiff to tackle classic leadership challenges like traversing the flooded quarry using only (slightly too short) planks. Water featured once again, this year with a gigantic water slide which was a chance for the girls to get soaked to the skin.

A relaxed evening of barbecue and paddling followed on one of Falmouth’s pristine beaches, before getting down to business on Monday, with Falmouth University showcasing its many cutting edge creative courses. From Fashion and Textiles, to Games Design and Film, Photography and Creative Events Management, the girls had the opportunity to work in small groups to experience how innovative and future-facing courses such as these are delivered at this modern, superbly resourced university.

The girls found the experience energising, commenting: ‘It was really interesting learning about the course and using the game design process’; ‘It was fun and interesting!’; ‘The people were cool and not boring and made the course sound good’; ‘Making a game that actually functions right is harder than it sounds – it requires a lot of technology and patience’.

Meanwhile, staff who attended were impressed by how the university experience has evolved since their own student days, with the comfort of the spacious accommodation and the relevance of the teaching, largely delivered by current industry professionals, being particularly striking. This university is impressively progressive.

The visit wrapped up with a gig from a Falmouth University-grown band and DJ set, before the girls headed back on Tuesday morning to Bath, ready to start their Sixth Form journey with an extra sense of energy and purpose.

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