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Year 12 Visit London

12 December 2016

On Monday 12th December, the girls from year 12 got on the coach to London. The destinations were the Victoria and Albert Museum and Covent Garden. This was not only fantastic for students who come from overseas, but also brought new images and experiences for all of us throughout the Year.

The coach arrived at the V&A at 11am. The museum is the winner of ‘Art Fund Museum’ in 2016, and is famous for its permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects, de ned as the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. I was impressed by the atmosphere when I first stepped in. The ground floor is divided into various parts, and we visited those such as Europe, Asia and Materials and Techniques. They were amazing, especially when I realised that they displayed items within detailed timelines and descriptions. We also enjoyed the exhibition ‘A Brief History of Underwear’ very much, which traced the evolution of clothing in the western world. We could each explore our own favourites and choices.

After 40 minutes, almost all of us had developed a great attachment for the V&A; however, time did not allow us to stay longer, so we had to set off to the next stop – Covent Garden. Mr. Hayward is familiar with the heart of London, and, as a result, he and Mark, our driver, guided us through well- known districts such as Parliament and Trafalgar Squares. At Covent Garden, I walked around and had a lovely lunch with my friends as well as visiting famous department stores for shopping. I thought the buildings were in a vintage style until someone told me this district has a long history. Covent Garden itself was a former fruit-and-vegetable market, but it expanded and relocated a couple of times; now is a shopping centre to the public.

To sum up, the trip has given me a precious memory. I wonder whether we could have this sort of opportunity next year to explore the British culture again.

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