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  • Year 3 Visit Cadbury World

Year 3 Visit Cadbury World

21 March 2019

Firstly, we got on the school minibus for a one and a half hour drive. It was a long journey but we played games.

In the Birmingham Street scenethere was a sewing shop, a baker and a tea dealer. We sketched pictures of what we could see. This street was where the Cadbury brothers first had their shops.

We went on a ride through a city of Easter eggs! It was a small car that went really slowly!

In the 4d cinemawe put on special glasses and we went on a roller coaster ride! In the filmthe path ran out and we fell into the land of Fredos! There was a lot of screaming!

In this cinemathe seats moved, steam came out and we were the beans! There were four stages: roasting (they turned up the heat), cleaning (they shook us), the pasteuriser, the kibbler, and winnower. A scientist was the narrator.

Ms Appleby put us into groups of three ready for the trail. All seventeen of us went through big, wide, double doors. The Aztec trail was scary because there were snakes and noises were playing in the background. There were the sounds of tree frogs and birds but to make it scarier there were Piranhas in the water! We saw a model of an Aztec calendar and Aztec people.

In the movie room, the wide doors stretched out in front of us and when we sat down the Cadbury brothers talked to each other and us from a film projection! I never knew there were even Cadbury brothers! It was really interesting.

On the factory tour, we even wrote our names in chocolate on a marble slab!

One of my favourite things was the chocolate tasting. We could choose our topping on top of a cup of liquid chocolate. I put chocolate, crunchy and marshmallows

The shop had all the chocolate you could ever dream of.  I decided that I would try an Oreo chocolate bar and a cup with a long straw, we were only allowed to spend five pounds. Everyone went mad in the shop.

We enjoyed our trip to Cadbury world.

by Hettie Steele

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