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Year 3 Visit Herschel Museum

06 February 2019

On Wednesday 23rd January, Year 3 visited the Herschel Museum of Astronomy because we are learning about space. William and Caroline Herschel lived there when it was a house in 1785. They were from Germany and were brother and sister. In this house, they made telescopes and discovered the planet Uranus from the garden.

During the trip, we learned that William was an astronomer, a musician and a composer. We also learned that when Caroline was little she had small pox and typhus which made her skin blotchy and she did not grow very tall. We saw a film in a small cinema that was dark but the film was interesting. Also, there was a workshop about our solar system and a tour of the house. We liked looking in William and Caroline’s music room where there were many old-fashioned instruments like a serpent horn.

We walked to the Royal Crescent Museum and we made orrerries. An orrery is a model of the solar system showing all the planets with the sun at the centre.

It was fun learning all the interesting facts and making the orrery.

by Year 3

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