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Year 3 Visit Stonehenge

17 October 2019

On Tuesday this week, Year 3 ventured off to Stonehenge. We visited this stone circle because it is linked to our theme.

Firstly, we went on the minibuses for one hour to get to our destination. We arrived at ten o'clock for our tour around the huge sparkly stones. Some interesting guides called Margaret and Robin told us about them and the landscape around us. Some interesting facts are:

  • They think the lintels were put on top of the gigantic blue stones by slowly pushing them up and propping them up with piles of soil. It sounded very challenging.
  • With 100 people you could drag one of the vast slabs of rock 1km in 16 minutes over grass using a sort of sledge.
  • The biggest stone at Stonehenge is 40 tonnes which is the same as 10 adult elephants combined.
  • The lintels weigh 15 tonnes.
  • Around Stonehenge are lots of burial mounds called barrows.

Ten minutes later, we ran across a field to a Bronze Age burial site. Then we performed a pretend burial ritual on Maude! She had to lie down on a mat curling up. We gave her things for the afterlife such as a Beaker pot, amber necklace, bronze knife, a bow protector and gold plaque. Our interesting leaders told us to make up a chant about Stonehenge and how we felt. After that, we sang the imaginative chants all the way back to the gate.

Next, we returned for a delicious packed lunch. The final activities were looking around the fascinating exhibition centre to find out about Stone Age artefacts and to look at the Celtic roundhouses.

In the end, it started raining heavily but luckily it was the end of the trip and we hopped on the buses and headed back to school.

Everybody enjoyed the brilliant trip to Stonehenge.

by Year 3

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