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Year 3 Visit the Roman Baths

31 December 2018

Year 3 visited the Roman Baths on Wednesday 28th November, 2018. The mini-bus took us and dropped us off near the Abbey. While we were waiting in the entrance to the Baths, we played some games and looked at books linked to the Romans and the building.

The first thing we did was a workshop where there were three different sessions. We dressed up in Roman clothes. Men wore togas and women wore tunics, stollas and belts. Both outfits made us feel very Roman but the material was a bit itchy. Another activity was to make mosaics. We had magnetic tiles, which were called tesserae, and attached them to magnetic boards in a Roman pattern. The third session was handling Roman artefacts and replicas. An artefact is a real Roman item but a replica is a copy. We saw a clay tile with a Roman dog footprint, an oil lamp, an oyster shell, a strigil, a perfume bottle and a hypocaust tile. The hypocaust was how Romans used to heat the hot rooms in the Bath house. We saw a spring leading into the Baths.

In the second half of our visit we explored the museum. We learnt about the ancient temple of Sulis Minerva. We saw the alter where they sacrificed animals. In addition, we saw the lead curses, which were thrown into the hot springs. After that we looked around the hot, warm and cold rooms. On the walls there were films of Roman people swimming – it was funny. Outside we met some real Roman ladies! One was a servant and one was a rich lady. They told us about how they made makeup and how it was applied. They used beeswax for lipstick.

When we returned to school, Ms Appleby had brought back a bottle of the spa water. We all had to try some. Alan in the kitchen even tried some and he thought it was delicious! Alex, Cecily, Hettie, Islay, Charlotte, Maisie and Emma liked it. Everyone else hated it!

We found this trip amazing.

Written by Year 3

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